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We have been inspecting homes for over 24 years while providing extensive reports. Our inspectors detailed inspections begin with an experienced, insured inspector who will examine the house's plumbing, electrical, foundation, roof and other major parts and systems to uncover any possible issues. We stay current on our training and we work with the most advanced tech all for you. It's necessary to our team that you get all the details you need about your potential house's condition in , . On the day your expert home inspector from Pillar To Post does the inspection, you'll get the report on the house and the other features we examined.

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Our primary goal is to give every home buyer in , , a full home inspection with an extensive report so that you can make an informed purchasing decision for your potential home. We have over two decades of experience and proficiency in the home inspection industry. You can rely on our expert inspectors when they check out the property you're looking to buy. Our home inspectors use the most current practices and the most advanced tech when working for you. On the day of your inspection, you'll receive a comprehensive report on the house's condition. Now you can make an assured decision about purchasing a home with an expert home inspection.

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Our main objective is to provide every home buyer in your area, a complete home inspection with an extensive, easy to read report so that you can make an informed purchasing decision for your potential house. Pillar To Post Home Inspectors has more than 24 years of experience in the home inspection industry. You can depend on our professional home inspectors when they inspect the home you're hoping to buy. Our home inspectors use the most current practices and cutting-edge tools when working for you. The same day of your inspection, you'll get a complete report on the property's condition. Make an assured home ownership decision with a home inspection from the premier organization in the industry.

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Professional inspectors and the work they do

If you have made the choice to purchase a home, you know that this responsibility is one of the biggest you will ever make. Your home will be the source of protection and countless memories enjoyed by you and your family. Keeping this in mind, it is crucial to make sure you trust a qualified home inspector who can ensure you are making a purchase that will be worth your investment. They can perform a thorough overview of everything in your home from the electrical system and heating to the foundation and flooring. They can also be able to assess your home for lead testing, storm durability, and energy efficiency. Make sure your home and family are safe with a comprehensive home inspection. home inspection air conditioning systems

Looking for building code violations

Don't have the time to maintain and oversee every part of your home despite your best of intentions? Stop worrying and trust the safety of your home to a licensed home inspection team today! A home inspector will check your home from top to bottom and guarantee that everything is running as it should. Avoiding home inspection can lead to expensive repairs. Home inspection will include your home's electrical system, flooring, gutters and drain, drainage, and many other vital locations. Home inspectors will have your best interests in mind and make sure your family is protected. storm damage assessment Louisville, KY