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It was among the hottest summers in history and my air conditioner was broken. I'd just bought a place with central air. So prior to that day, if I had any issues, I'd just buy a new, inexpensive window air conditioner. Not the most cost-effective course of action but it allowed me to go on leading a care-free bachelor life. But things have changed. I now think of myself as somewhat of an adult, someone who dates real estate agents and folds my clothes, placing them neatly in drawers, as if I have some self-respect. Keeping with this new lifestyle I couldn't allow my home to stay at such high temperatures. I briefly thought about keeping my refrigerator door ajar so I could absorb the cool draft as I watched TV from my kitchen. But I shouldn't be doing. This is what my former self would've done while eating Gogurts and wishing they made bigger Gogurt containers. The new me phoned a HVAC place. With my most professional voice I asked for their assistance. The leaky faucet herndon va drove over quickly and had my air conditioner working even quicker. The guy told me his company could fix a lot of other home-related things. They had electricians, plumbers, and furnace repairman ready 24 hours a day. What a great number to have for a real, actual adult.